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Goals of cooperation

Reasons for cooperation with Dairy Nutrition Consulting Services:

1. Need to optimize the period of capital return invested into a cow breeding.
2. Need to more fully use genetic potential of animals.
3. Need to breed heifers in a right way.
4. Need to decrease premixes losses.
5. Need to decrease disease losses.


The team of DNCS LLC is created to work with dairy farms for them to achieve strategical goals in the present and in the future. We suggest to dairy farms a consecutive realization of the following goals:

Terms of goals realization
Increase of cows productivity by
1-2 liter per day
In 1-2 months after begin of cooperation
Decrease of costs for milk drinking up by calves by
200-500 liter
In 3 months
Decrease of post-natal diseases In 9 months
Decrease of losses and improvement of nutritive value of forage In 12 months
General increase of milk productivity by 300-500 liter per year Within 1 year
Optimal weight increment of heifers After finishing 1-2 years of work
Additional increase of general productivity of cows during lactation by 300-500 liter After finishing 2 years of work
Insemination of heifers in 13-15 months After finishing 1-2 years of work
First calves not later than24 months After finishing 2 years of work
Additional increase of general productivity of fresh cows by 200 liter After finishing 3 years of work
Payback of a cow during first lactation After finishing 3 years of work
Achievement of genetic potential of animals After finishing 5 years of work

Cooperation scheme

Organization of mutual work of DNCS and a dairy farm

Stage 1.

1. Primary audit

2. Discussion of audit results

3. Set up of short-term and long-term goals

Stage 2. Mutual work on regular basis

(periodicity of farm visiting by DNCS specialists - first two months - every 2 weeks, further once per months, with regular exchange of necessary data by means of communication)

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