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The main goal of DNCS consulting services at a dairy farm is to enhance the quality of management, to implement the newest world technologies, to improve the economic effectivity of a dairy farm at a whole and to increasy the individual productivity of each employee.

Directions of activities of the company:
   1 - Calculation and evaluation of the diets
It is provided with the help of the Software AMTS.Cattle elaborated and improved during the last 20 years at Cornell University (USA). Due to using a biological modell of a cow at the core of the program, the high accuracy of diet calculation is achieved.
   2 - Feeding management
  • Prognosing and planing the volumes of premixes stock
  • Using progressive technologies for premixes preparation
  • Implementation of modern highly efficial technologies for cow feeding and young animals breeding

  •    3 - Herd management
  • Computer registration, information tracing for all cows and heifer, taking management decisions

  •    4 - Management of dairy farms
  • Elaboration and implementation of tested protocols of dairy farm management, using improved technologies
  • Coordination of technological processes on the farm with aim to achieve maximal economic results
  • Application of modern technologies of milking. Prevention of mastitis

  • Usually the activities of a dairy farm are regarded as a "Blackbox", a business where it's known everything about what is invested and what is received, as well as the cash flows. When the financial reports show positive balance it is considered that the system functions and managed well.

    DNCS LLC has an approach to the dairy farm as to the "Whitebox". Our concept of work with farms includes principles of permanent control and improvement of technical parameters of the milk herd. We regularly evaluate technical parameters, defects (mistakes) or deviations which take place during the farm activities, elaborate and implement measures which promote increasing effectivity of the dairy farm. In the whole world this approach is known as methodology (Six Sigma).

    Every system inside the dairy farm is evaluated due to use of combination of technical skills and methods of productive analyses elaborated and improved during many years by the President of DNCS LLC Dr. Tylutki.

    As a result of a regular (at least, once per month) analyses of technical parameters of a dairy farm and introduction of necessary corrections the stable and steady work of a dairy farm is provided.

    During the process of mutual work with a farm short-term and long-term tasks are set up and regularly corrected. The implementation of short-term tasks allows to receive the result in 1-2-3 months as improved productivity for 1-2 liters and decrease of costs for calf breeding.

    Implementation of long-term tasks allows to increasy the milk productivity at 20-30%, improve productive indicators and as a result to come closer to genetic potential of animals and/or minimize productive costs per unit.
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